Our recent event at Nunsmere Hall was a great success with an entertaining presentation from our Digital Director, Rob Smith on his top 10 tips to improve your website. A quick exercise about first impressions of websites proved very revealing and was lots of fun. Everyone also enjoyed some relaxed networking following the seminar with plenty of tea and coffee. If you were there, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If not, keep an eye out for our next one in September.

Seminar part 1

  • Adrian’s introduction
  • Tip 1 – Share and share alike
  • Tip 2 – You need a cheerleader

Seminar part 2

  • Tip 3 – Don’t be a rotting corpse
  • Tip 4 – Don’t do a John Major

Seminar part 3

  • Tip 5 – The Earth is flat, right?
  • Tip 10 – Five seconds is all you need (exercise)

Seminar part 4

  • Tip 6 – Put yourself on the map
  • Tip 7 – Thinking is for dummies
  • Tip 8 – If you schedule it, it’s real
  • Tip 9 – Your baggage doesn’t matter
  • Bonus tip – What works offline, works online
  • Adrian’s summary

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