Working at Blueleaf comes with a set of benefits - some large and some small - that make Blueleaf a great place to work.


£1000 refer a friend scheme

We're always on the look-out for great people. So if you have a talented friend, let us know. If we hire them and they pass their probation period then you get a £1000 finder fee. Facebook friends, friends of friends and Twitter followers all count!

Bike to Work Scheme

If you want to reduce your costs, get fitter and be greener for the planet, why not consider riding to work?  Adrian our CEO often does.  And we can help you with this, through the government bike to work scheme.  Basically we save a load of tax by buying the bike and the kit for you.  You then simply buy this off us at a much reduced price, which can be done over a few months, direct from your salary.


We understand that our team have different priorities so we offer flexi-time to allow you to miss the traffic, pick up the kids or catch the second half of Countdown. If this is important to you, we're flexible, as long as you're here between the core hours of 10am to 4pm every day and 9am on Monday, so you're here for the team meeting.


We call our benefits system 'Flex' because it's designed to be flexible to you. Want to buy more holiday? No problem. Want to sell some back? That's OK too. Change your pension contribution or start private healthcare? Again it's all up to you. It's easy to do and most importantly it's in your control. Each quarter you can shift your dials to increase some benefits and decrease others.

Shit happens days

We all have those days - we’re not sick, we’re not on holiday, sh*t just happened; car trouble, kid trouble, babysitting trouble, boiler trouble and so on. So we give you three 'sh*t happens days' a year - it doesn’t come out of your holidays and you don't get marked as sick. If you haven't taken any by the end of the year, we'll reward you with £50 for every day you don't take.


Childcare vouchers

We offer childcare vouchers, which can save parents with kids aged up to 15 over £1,000 a year on childcare. Basically you can buy up to £243 a month of childcare vouchers. This works by coming out of your salary before you pay tax and national insurance, saving you 20-30%. Ask Dunc or Pete about this as they both use it to pay for their nursery fees.

Birthday treats,
ad hoc presents

On your Birthday, not only will you get a lovely pressie from Blueleaf but you'll also receive birthday cakes, or cheese and biscuits if you're not a cake fan. And if you're really lucky, you might get a birthday song and dance from developer Tom and designer Woody.

Training courses

We don't have a hard and fast rule when it comes to budgets for external training but we do believe heavily in developing our teams. So if you're interested in attending a course firstly, good on you - it's great that you want to improve your skills. Secondly, let Rob or Adrian know you're interested and they'll see what they can do.

Christmas party

We have one every year just before Christmas and it normally involves great food, a drink or two and possibly a little dad dancing.

Tuck shop & Red Bull

You may have spotted the Red Bull fridge, just by the printer - feel free to help yourself. If you'd like some sugary goodness to wash down with your Red Bull then why not visit our tuck shop? Dunc makes regular visits to the supermarket so he can flog us cut-price crisps at 30p and chocolate bars at 50p. All profits are given to charity, so if you have one that is close to your heart, let Dunc know.

Sandwich orders

Forgot your lunch? No problem, every day Kate Shepherd places an order with local shop / deli Budgens. Simply put what you want in the '#lunch-orders' channel on Slack by 10am and give Kate the readies. Budgens bring the food over around midday. Kate also has a menu if you'd like to see what's on offer and how much it costs.


Friday lunchtime

Friday lunchtimes are generally spent in the Sportsman pub in Tattenhall. This seems to have replaced the long-standing "Chippy Friday" for now but no matter which venue is in favour, you're invited along. We also have an extended lunch on Friday so have an hour rather than the usual half an hour.