Job Description: Back End Developer - Now Filled

What the role is, what’s expected of it and what success means

Being a Back End Developer, you will be passionate about PHP and get excited about test driven development.

What you’re accountable for

Developers are a very key part of Blueleaf’s success, as such you are highly accountable in your role:

  • Ensuring websites are built according to the specification and within budget
  • Hitting your personal chargeability target
  • High quality, right first time output

While only three points, they have a great deal of depth that makes this role an exciting and autonomous one with plenty of scope.

What’s expected of you:

As a Back End Developer you are expected to:

  • Live Blueleaf’s Values and actively focus on our Vision, Mission and Purpose
  • Utilise Test Driven Development (TDD) to build modular and fully tested applications
  • Work on bespoke applications written in Symfony2
  • Work closely with Strategists and Project Managers
  • Build new and improve existing websites
  • Liaise with clients directly to help answer their questions
  • Produce very high quality well tested output that requires very little changes or updates before going live

What technical experience you will need:

  • Very strong working knowledge of object oriented PHP
  • Strong knowledge of PSR-2 Coding Style
  • Strong working knowledge of the newer PHP features such as Closures, Generators, Array Dereferencing
  • Strong working knowledge of Symfony2 framework (strong working knowledge of Zend 2 or Laravel 4 will also be acceptable)
  • Working knowledge of dependency management via composer
  • Strong knowledge of distributed version control systems specifically GIT
  • Strong knowledge of HTML5/CSS and Javascript specifically jQuery
  • Strong knowledge of Test Driven Development and tools like PHPUnit
  • Good English written and spoken

What you should expect of Blueleaf:

You should also expect things from the organisation, which are detailed below:

  • The support and time of the Head of Development
  • The support of Adrian (& Rob where required) to grow personally through monthly coaching in GO sessions
  • The support of Blueleaf in taking courses and attending conferences where the subject matter will help digital commerce mastery and is deemed appropriate (e.g. timings, work needed and so on)
  • Knowledge sharing where possible to spread knowledge throughout the team
  • A supportive and appropriate environment conducive to performing your work

Where you sit in the structure:

You report to:  Head of Development

What does success look like ?

It’s important we have a shared vision of what success looks like for this role. It’s outlined below:

  • Your own personal chargeability met or exceeded
  • High client and project manager satisfaction with your speed and quality
  • A part of delivering highly profitable projects