£1,000 Finder's Fee - Terms and Conditions

We're delighted to offer a £1,000 finder's fee to anyone who can help us recruit successful candidates for vacancies within our team. We do need to set a few guidelines though around this! These are as follows:

  • The recommendation must be received via email to hello@blue-leaf.co.uk
  • The person being recommended must have given their permission to be referred
  • Acknowledgement of the recommendation must have been received via email from Blueleaf
  • The person being recommended must not have been previously recommended to Blueleaf
  • The person being recommended must not have previously worked at Blueleaf
  • The £1,000 finder's fee will be paid when a recommendation leads to a successful appointment and the successful candidate passes their 3-month probationary period
  • For current Blueleaf employees making a successful recommendation, the £1,000 will be paid in their salary and is taxable
  • For successful recommendations from external referrals, an invoice will need to be sent to Blueleaf for the £1,000 and will be paid within 30 days of receipt