During your first few days we will do everything we can to help you settle in and feel at home. We have a great culture here and the team are always happy to help so if you have any questions, just ask.


What happens on your first day / week


Quick show-around

Monday 8.30am

Kate (our front-of-house person) will give you a quick tour around the office, making sure you know where the essentials, like the coffee machine, toilet, tuck shop and fire exits are.


Monday morning meeting

Monday 9.00am

We do this pretty much every week; it does exactly what is says on the tin - the team get together to discuss our weekends and the week ahead. Often Rob will share a financial update so we always know how the agency is doing against our targets. You'll find we're very open about performance at Blueleaf.


After this, it's spending time with Janine
for the rest of the week

During your first week, you will be spending as much time with Janine as possible so that she can explain the role in detail. This is particularly important as it's month-end so there will be lots to learn!

Then once you are settled in we will arrange for you to spend time with the rest of the team and learn about their roles.


As well as the usual kit,
we will get you set up with...



We use Gmail for our work email: it ties in nicely with Calendar and Drive. Once you have logged into your account we will send you the details for all the other apps we use.

Your email address is


Slack is the system we use for all our internal communications. Slack uses "channels" rather than direct emails which dramatically cuts down the number of emails we send and receive and keeps everyone in the loop.

Your login will be emailed to you


SAS Protect

SAS Protect is our online HR system. It's private so nobody can log into your system except you and our HR team. You can look up our policies, view your contract, book your holidays and manage sickness.

Kay will send you your log-in; have a look around and let her know if you have any questions. Once you're happy you've got all the information you need, please sign your contract and tick the boxes to let us know you've read our HR policies.

Please can you do this by 13th November
Your login will be emailed to you


JIRA is another system that is fundamental to the day-to-day running of Blueleaf. All our projects and timesheets are managed through it and we use it to store key information.

Your login will be emailed to you