Working at Blueleaf comes with a set of benefits - some large and some small - that make our culture and environment a great place to work.


Clear purpose, vision and values

We know why we’re here, what we’re doing and where we’re going. We share that whole plan with you when you join and every week, we update everybody on the progress towards that vision. We also have strong values that we live by, which keep the whole team close-knit and working together as a set of like-minded souls.



Our Flex system allows you to change things every quarter. Want to buy more holiday? No problem. Want to sell some back? That’s OK too. Change your pension contribution? Fine. Or start having private healthcare? That’s easy too. We wanted to make benefits easier, and that’s what Flex is all about.

Sh*t happens days 

We all have them. We’re not sick, we’re not on holiday, sh*t just happened - car trouble, kid trouble, babysitting trouble, boiler trouble and so on. So take a sh*t happens day that doesn’t come out of holidays or get marked as sick. If you don’t take any during the year, we’ll reward you for that at the start of the next year.



On any given day, feel free to come in a bit earlier or later, and leave in the same way. We’ve got some core hours to cover as a team and around that, the traffic- beating flexibility is with you.

Personal coaching

Every month, our CEO works with every team member to look at your professional and personal goals and objectives, to see how you’re getting on and to offer advice on how to achieve what you want. 



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