Over the last seven years, the Next Made 2 Measure site has grown from strength to strength, continually increasing in revenue year on year. This is driven by continual innovation across user experience and product offering.


Complex product drives user experience innovation

The user experience of the site is continually being upgraded. The products themselves are quite complex and as a result, need particular attention to make sure any changes or new options are carefully considered to preserve conversion rate.

Made to measure curtains and blinds have many facets - width, drop, lining colour, heading type and eyelet colour to name just a few. Combining all of these decisions together into a slick user experience is a real challenge.

Add onto that, the high expectations of the Next customer and we had to bring all our experience to bear.

The simplest and smallest things can put a customer off their purchase and there's so many opportunities for that to happen in this purchase journey.

Our UX team worked closely with developers and the client to ensure we made the right decisions, while offering the best product available.


Swatches, imagery and little touches

With a long purchase journey that often involves fabric swatches, store visits and multiple changes of mind and colour scheme, we needed to make sure each little touch point was a pleasure to use.

Swatches are integral to the purchase journey and a process that is often not given enough attention. We know that if we can get customers to order a set of swatches, there's a high percentage that then go on to purchase the main event. So it's just as important to make that purchase journey as good as the product itself.

We also know that imagery is of utmost importance in purchases such as this, so make maximum use of the images available. We added in 'gallery view' where you can get a full screen, swipe-able experience to allow you to navigate through the fabrics in high definition - a great browsing experience that is particularly effective on tablet.


Innovating in-store for seamless experiences

Stores are a very important part of Next's retail proposition. As a result we needed to make sure that the Made 2 Measure product was easily available in-store as well as online. 

In-store terminals are available in selected stores, where the website is used and logged into as a particular store to track sales, and the staff trained to use the systems.

Customers can go into these stores and with the help of the store staff, use the website as they would at home. They are able to see samples of some of the fabrics and for a complex purchase of this nature, benefit from the help and guidance available in-store.

When the order is ready to be processed, the website is integrated with Next's in-store POS to enable the customer to pay via the normal till and Chip & PIN machines. This ensures consistency of experience for the customer, as well as operating the right reporting for the stores. 

This integration immediately drove incremental sales and continues to be a key part of the digital commerce proposition.


The applause

We are delighted with our new site for Next Made 2 Measure and really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into it from the team at Blueleaf. The site has come on leaps and bounds not only in terms of the many improvements made to the customer journey but also in its design and particularly how well we are now able to showcase our products.
— Jo Potter, Business Development Manager

See the site here: made2measure.next.co.uk

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